111th Street Bike Lanes are Dangerous to Community, DOT do you care?

DOT decided to implement bike lanes on 111th Street in Corona Heights, along the border of Flushing Meadows Corona Park (FMCP), even after Community Board #4Q members voted to have DOT to bring back a better proposal the Mayor did not listen to CB 4 members and gave to order to implement the placing of Bike lanes. This administration constantly disregards the wishes of Community Boards, Why does this continue to happen? Members of Community Boards live in and work in the community and for the most part know what is best for their community, why are they not listened to them? A picture is worth a thousand words and this shows that DOT made a tremendous mistake placing bike lanes around FMCP, all this project has accomplished is to cause an extreme burden on Rego Park Nursing Home by increasing ambulance response time to and from the nursing home effecting the health and wellbeing of Rego Parks residents, also hindering relatives from visiting their love ones because of parking issues.

Prior to the implementation of bike lanes on 111th Street residents were safer then now, the bike lanes have been the cause of a major increase in auto accidents on 111th Street. What is DOT waiting for someone to be seriously hurt because of this disastrous project?

For 25 years Community Board #4Q has been told that money had been allocated to refurbish the islands and place traffic signals on 111th Street. For one reason or another CB 4’s request was never finalized. Now that this Mayor is promoting bike lanes all over the five boroughs disregarding community input has led to the 111th Street disaster.

The voting taxpaying residents of Corona Heights and the Community Board members should have more input and the respect from the Mayor’s office and instruct the Department of Transportation to remove unwanted projects.

The residents of Corona Heights are telling this newspaper that maybe the next Mayor will be more sympathetic to their needs.

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