Curb Your Dog: It’s the Law!

Please read and remember to be respectful of others when walking your dog. The following is for those who forgot or do not know what Curb Your Dog Means. In the city, I’m often amused by the differences in curbing signs. They range from the commanding, “Curb Your Dog!” (Almost everywhere) to the pleading, “Please no Pee-Pee”. Sometimes they’re wholly pictorial (a squatting dog with lines to indicate shaking hindquarters) and the New York City Parks Department seems to be trying a scientific approach: “Dog Urine Kills Plants.” It is true dog urine kills plants and it is the nitrogen content in the urine that does it.

The grass patches with or without flowers in front of a home is the homeowner’s garden. You might say “What is a garden?” well the homeowners’ garden is the grass patch in front of or on the side of their homes. The grass patch with or without a tree or planted flowers is the homeowner’s garden. The grass patch, a tree or a patch of dirt is the homeowner’s garden, it is not a Garbage Can, nor an Ashtray and not a Toilet it is their garden. So curb your dog and do not drop your trash in the homeowner’s garden.

For Those that do not know what Curb Your Dog means the Law States: During your walk with your dog you must have your dog do their business in the STREET, yes in the street, not under a tree, next to a fence or on a sidewalk the dog must only do its business next to the curb in the street. Also refrain from having your dog urine on the homeowners property because Dog Urine Kills Plants.

Once the dog does its business at the curb clean up the waste with a plastic bag; then tie

the bag and dispose of it in an extra plastic grocery shopping bag so you can tie up all the waste bags and dispose of them when you get back to your home. Always wash your hands upon returning home, or keep a hand sanitizer with you.

Be a good neighbor and respect your community by following the Curb your Dog Laws it will make your neighborhood cleaner.

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