CM Moya and CB 4 Question NYSCI Over Carnival

Councilman Francisco Moya (D-Jackson Heights, Corona) is questioning New York Hall of Science’s wisdom of allowing the “Queens Spring Fair” to use NYC Park grounds behind New York Hall of Science without notifying Community Board #4Q. CB #4Q blasted this institution in Corona Heights at CB 4 over the 11-day carnival being put on in its parking lot by Dreamland Amusements. Running for one week to May 20, the event, dubbed the “Queens Spring Fair” will include rides and a “wonders of amazement” show. “The carnival” is open from 4 to 11 p.m. on weekdays and 12 to 11 p.m. on weekends, it is free to enter but certain attractions will be ticketed at $1.50 a ride.

Moya and CB 4 leadership expressed serious issues with the fair; a lack of advance community notice, the conflict with the Queens International Night Market and NYSCI’s both subletting of its space being a potential violation of its lease with the city.

The Hall of Science is only allowed to lease their space for events that deal with science or anything in that field, said Moya. Moya went on to say, “The Hall of Science did not give any notification to the community. But they are the first ones who come for funding when our kids can’t even afford to go into the Hall of Science at the rates that they’re charging.”

CB 4 Chairman Damian Vargas said he found out about the fair via a Facebook advertisement, not through official channels, while District Manager Christian Cassagnol said the board is far from happy.

Cassagnol said. “We’re still questioning the Hall of Science’s lease and their ability to sublet parkland that they’re leasing in the first place to allow an outside venue to come in.”

The Hall of Science tried to double dip having to two groups overlap the two Saturdays having the fair and the Queens International Night Market renting NYSCI’s parking lot to both at the same time where the NYSCI does not have the right to allow the Queens International Night Market to and the Fair to use parkland.

Maya said, “There needs to be more accountability with the partners that are here, who have anchored themselves in our community, are selling out our parks and are taking over this area without having consideration for the residents”. “That’s what we have to do. Hold them accountable and make sure they aren’t taking advantage of this community and the precious space that we have.”

Taxpayers’ money can be used more productively instead of having NYPD make sure traffic issues are addressed because of the Hall of Science. NYSCI does not care about its neighbors maybe someday they will become a better neighbor. Maybe there should be a review of what the Hall of Science does with their founding and how the rents received from these events are used.

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