Rep. Suozzi Works to Defend Israel From Hezbollah Missiles & to Disrupt Dangerous Iran-Russia Partnership

Congressman Tom Suozzi (D – Long Island, Queens) made the following statement after two of his amendments were accepted into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Mr. Suozzi’s amendments seek to address critical Middle East issues such as Hezbollah’s missiles in Lebanon and the Iran-Russia relationship. The full House of Representatives is slated to vote on the NDAA later this month. “I’m thankful that issues crucial to the Middle East are being addressed in the NDAA. My pair of amendments will help to protect Israel and our Middle Eastern allies from Hezbollah terrorists, and help us understand and disrupt the alliance between Russia and Iran, which has caused so much destruction across the region.”

“Hezbollah continues to build up its military capabilities, with tens of thousands of rockets aimed at Israel, and tentacles across the Middle East that threaten our allies and interests. My amendment empowers the Administration to dig deep into what makes Hezbollah’s terror operation tick and how it can be confronted.”

“Meanwhile in Syria, Iran has been working hand-in-glove with Russia. Russian cover provides crucial support for Iranian-backed militias propping up Bashar alAssad’s murderous regime. My amendment seeks to get to the bottom of how Iran and Russia are working together to imperil peace and security in the region.”

Mr. Suozzi’s Middle East NDAA Amendments

1. Report on Hezbollah This amendment directs the President & Secretary of State to commission a report on Hezbollah, including an accounting of their known rocket arsenal, detailed description of known supply routes used in illegal procurement of weapons, and evaluation of the United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon mandate.

2. Report on Cooperation between Iran & the Russian Federation This amendment asks for an analysis on military and security cooperation between Iran and the Russian Federation, particularly with respect to Syria. Key report aspects include detailing RussianIranian cooperation with respect to assistance to Assad and his chemical weapons program, the establishment of Iranian bases in Syria, nuclear energy cooperation, Russian coordination with Hezbollah, and an analysis of Iranian-Russian naval presence in the Middle East Region.

Mr. Suozzi is a member of the House Foreign Affairs and House Armed Services Committees

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